Others recycling news; The UA got off easy at ABOR

  • Trust no one…except the WatchCat

Apologies for the wait on the 2nd day of the Arizona Board of Regents meeting at the Arizona State University West campus. We wanted to wait to see the two-cents input from other news outlets (although there doesn’t seem to be anything here) on a Friday meeting that clearly only focused on ASU’s “strategic business plan” (In more pressing news, ASU President Michael Crow is apparently also the unflappable Bill Belichick—who knew?!)

Well anyway, the reason we didn’t report on this and this is simple—We already have!! Three times!!! Besides, look at this and this—the same thing, right? That’s what we said! Apparently no one picked up on it, though (except the good ol’ WatchCat News-Journal). Talk about ABOR (and others) recycling news. Check out the stats (links) on financial aid and enrollment statistics for yourself if you wish. They are mildly interesting.

  • I mean, uh, do we even have one?

So ASU presented the Regents with its strategic business plan. Apparently ASU drew the short straw, because neither Northern Arizona University or the University of Arizona presented their business plans. From the agenda:

“It is anticipated that the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University will present comparable reports at future meetings.”

I don’t know about that, Chief (with an emphasis on this). It seems to me the UA got off easy. Oh well, this should make for an interesting March meeting. Tuition setting and the UA’s “strategic business plan”? Oh boy


2 responses to “Others recycling news; The UA got off easy at ABOR

  1. They’re taking turns. The UA’s business plan is supposedly going to be on the agenda in March, but the tuition vote is also that month, so I wonder if there will be time. NAU presents the next time the board meets in Flagstaff.

  2. Good point, Becky. Hopefully they can squeeze it into the March meeting, because between the business plan and tuition setting, that should be a good one.

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