State sales tax to be voted on in May (pending Senate approval)

Perhaps we may actually approach FY 2011 with some kind of pre-plan from FY2010…

The muchfrettedover current state budget crisis has had some twists and turns, but this may actually be a positive one.

An Arizona Senate committee has apparently voted to settle Gov. Jan Brewer’s call for a temporary additional 1-cent sales tax with the voters. The committee set a May 18 special election to let the voters decide if ponying up an extra cent is worth putting some kind of dent in the crisis that has held the state of Arizona captive since the Summer of 2009.

State legislators had previously said that if some kind of deal surrounding the sales tax and other revenue-creating ideas wasn’t hashed out before summer, the state would be left with an almost $4 billion budget shortfall.

The decision goes to the full Senate this afternoon, as the bill passed the committee’s vote 6-1.

The WatchCat’s take: I understand the concerns that people have with yet another tax being thrown at them, but at the same time, no matter who you blame, Arizona is facing one of its toughest bouts of economic drop during a time when its counties are piling up massive amounts of debt (In fact, Pima County is taking on its biggest debt since 1865, according to Supervisor Sharon Bronson at this morning’s Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting). Part of addressing and reversing that trend is sacrifice, and it is one that all Arizona residents have to make, whether you like it or not. This debt needs to be solved somehow; at least the temporary sales tax is a solution instead of another barrage of blame-game antics—we have had too many of those.

That being said, Brewer and her sales tax’s advocates have their work cut out for them. If there’s one thing voters don’t want, it’s more taxes. They’re going to have to convince the voters that it’s the most necessary of evils.


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