Linkday after hiatus

By Shain Bergan

Don’t worry. We’re not dead just yet; we just went on hiatus for a week and a half. Some things did catch our eye, though…Linkday!!!

  • A great look at the state budget crisis (The Campus Correspondent)
  • All three Arizona public universities are being forced into a paycut (Sally Gradstudent)
  • Oh, you may have heard—Arizona finally passed a budget for both 2010 and FY 2011 (The Arizon State Legislature)
  • If someone were so inclined and had the time, they could develop a very serious analysis of the UA’s problems based on this video—otherwise known as a six-minute “Wow” moment (The Office of the President of the University of Arizona)
  • You’ve heard the WatchCat advocate a “yes” vote in the one-cent sales tax increase that will go to the voters in May, but what does Shelton have to say about it? (The Campus Correspondent)
  • We’re all about Meredith Hay news (The Desert Lamp)

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