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ASUA Supreme Court rules against Senate candidate represented by Desert Lamp creator

Two members of the ASUA Supreme Court hold for a photo op shortly after Monday's decision.

This is a guest report, written and submitted by Brian Mori. Mori is a regular contributor to our sister site, The Desert Lamp. Through the Lamp and his time at the Arizona Daily Wildcat, Mori has covered stories ranging from undergraduate and graduate student government to administrative and city matters.

By Brian Mori

After convening for the first time in more than two years, the ASUA Supreme Court ruled 3-1 Monday night that sanctions against a University of Arizona student government Senate candidate will stand.

Associated Students of the University of Arizona Senate Candidate Jarett Benkendorfer filed suit against ASUA Election Commissioner Justine Piscitello after he was cited for two separate violations of the ASUA Elections Code.

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Uncontested: Apathy race between Faculty Senate and ASUA elections too close to call

Sitting on these bleachers are the members of the UA faculty who followed through on their promise to push for new faculty leadership.

By Shain Bergan

Hmmm, this election apathy seems familiar.

After a painstaking process, the official final nominations for the 2010 University of Arizona Faculty Senate elections are finally officially in, and the verdict is, well, less than inspiring:

Of the 15 colleges represented by the UA Faculty Senate, only one of them (The College of Fine Arts) has a contested election. One of them (Eller College of Management) has exactly zero nominees. And for the 29 seats that are up for grabs, there are a total of…29 candidates.

Not only are the executive positions without contestation, the faculty will have the EXACT SAME LEADERSHIP at the top. Your executive faculty leadership nominees:

-Chair of the Faculty: Wanda Howell, incumbent

-Vice Chair of the Faculty: Robert Mitchell, incumbent

-Secretary of the Faculty: J.C. Mutchler, incumbent

What’s the definition of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Apparently the faculty can really talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk.

Here’s the breakdown of the colleges and their nominees for the upcoming election, for which the voting deadline is Mar. 4. An asterisk denotes a candidate who will clinch a Faculty Senate seat as long as they can gather one, count ’em, one vote. A contested election is marked in red text:

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ASUA Elections violation a celebrated practice with Faculty Elections

What would be a violation in a University of Arizona student government election is simply perfectly legal procedure for the UA Faculty Senate and its bylaws.

At least five members of the Senate passed around their petitions for the 2010 Faculty Spring Elections during Monday’s Faculty Senate meeting, an act that could be construed as campaigning both before the allowable date and inside of that organization’s offices. Good thing no such rules exist for the faculty. Ha! Take that, puny students!!

It’s worth noting that the petitions that I was able to get a good look at belonged to Faculty Chair Wanda Howell and Secretary of the Faculty J.C. Mutchler. To those reading who might be running against one of those two for a leadership position—Plan accordingly. Your competition has.