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ASUA Supreme Court rules against Senate candidate represented by Desert Lamp creator

Two members of the ASUA Supreme Court hold for a photo op shortly after Monday's decision.

This is a guest report, written and submitted by Brian Mori. Mori is a regular contributor to our sister site, The Desert Lamp. Through the Lamp and his time at the Arizona Daily Wildcat, Mori has covered stories ranging from undergraduate and graduate student government to administrative and city matters.

By Brian Mori

After convening for the first time in more than two years, the ASUA Supreme Court ruled 3-1 Monday night that sanctions against a University of Arizona student government Senate candidate will stand.

Associated Students of the University of Arizona Senate Candidate Jarett Benkendorfer filed suit against ASUA Election Commissioner Justine Piscitello after he was cited for two separate violations of the ASUA Elections Code.

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Another round of UA Transformation cuts is all but certain at this point

Kudos to the Arizona Daily Star’s Becky Pallack for this report on how the University of Arizona would approach another round of budget cuts, if such a realization became reality (also check out Pallack’s blog, The Campus Correspondent, which is conveniently located on the WatchCat’s blogroll).

Pallack includes this toward the end of her post:

“With all of that in mind, the UA’s strategy for budget planning goes like this:

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State of Arizona: Here’s that $75 million we didn’t give you on time…our bad

When you woke up this morning and went to school, you may have smelled something. No, not the rotting sinew of student sin, silly—I’m talking about the smell of money, $30 million to be exact.

As it turns out, the State of Arizona finally made good on the $75 million monthly check, $30 million of which went to the University of Arizona, that was due to the Arizona University System in December. Reeling from and still trying to come somewhere near solving the current state budget crisis (I’m sure you’ve heard about it; it’s what all the kids are talking about.), the State Legislature thought it prudent to keep those funds next to its pillow for about an extra 30 days.

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What does a closer look at the state budget tell us about dangerous media tendencies?

From a post on our sister site, The Desert Lamp:

“The authors of this site continue to be perplexed by the lukewarm attitude that more renowned news sites maintain towards primary source documents. Although there are exceptions to this rule (the Garcia emails in particular come to mind), most journalistic entities have not taken full advantage, opting instead to play their role as public interpreter even as the legitimacy of that role has been thrown into question.

This is especially a shame in the case of Governor Brewer’s proposed FY 2011 budget (see how easy that was?), which prides itself on being “specific and detailed.” And for once, political PR flack holds true  – the 214 page budget is an easy-to-use, cross-linked document, that offers among the most comprehensive, mind-blowing views of the modern state in recent memory.

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UA Tuition: A disturbing trend put into perspective

With all the recent talk out in cyberspace about tuition hikes—what they mean for the University of Arizona, examining what is supposed to be an “as free-as-possible” education, what the future will bring, sticker shock, etc.—the WatchCat News-Journal wants to get in on the action.

While it is not exactly an epiphany to state that continuous tuition hikes are disturbing and possibly excessive, connecting dots with what tuition hikes have meant historically may go a long way to putting things into perspective, showing just how outrageous some of these numbers have become and how they are connected to other aspects of university policy.

To do our part, we’ve spent quite some time digging around news reports, UA documents and the trusty ol’ UA Fact Books to bring you a good, hard numbers salad to go with your outrageous tuition beefsteak.

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Sunday Soup…

  • Mmmm, hot UA noodle soup---just like the WatchCat likes it.

    Who needs section editors when you have an ads department? (God Blogging)

  • Just when you thought student government elections couldn’t get any more, well, bizarro. (The Desert Lamp)
  • An email scandal involving global warming and the University of Arizona. (The Arizona Daily Star)
  • A case of the Mondays can be solved by what’s sure to be an entertaining Faculty Senate meeting. Remember, that whole UA Transformation thing is going on. (UA News)

The road to recovery…

For hardened criminals like me, there is a natural road to recovery. Fortunately for me, following my resignation from the Arizona Daily Wildcat, my road seems to be of the “yellow-brick” variety. Entering in a strategic partnership of sorts, the WatchCat News-Journal and the Desert Lamp will engage in a mutual sharing of content, as well as guest commentary on each side.

The winner, of course, is the University of Arizona community, as is mentioned over at the Lamp. Two quality blogs jointly covering UA policy and personnel are better than one.

Of course, we will each continue to run our own news blog sites, but with a recognizable affiliation under the banner of, let’s call it, Lamp-WatchCat, Inc. Or is it WatchCat-Lamp, Inc.? I never can remember.

So expect to see some WatchCat administration and transformation content at the Desert Lamp, as well as some student government and university policy content here at the WatchCat News-Journal.

Louie—er, I mean, Desert Lamp—I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.