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Breaking news: Shelton lowers tuition proposal by $400; Students: ‘Yeah, got a few more thousand of those?’

Strangely enough, Shelton's newest tuition proposal came in the form of this gift (shown above) given to UA students.

By Shain Bergan

Some fresh news, as of just a few hours ago, courtesy of the Campus Correspondent:

Apparently University of Arizona President Robert Shelton has had a last minute change of heart from his original tuition proposal. Less than 24 hours before the next Arizona Board of Regents meeting, where tuition will be set, Shelton sent a memo to student government leaders and deans outlining his new plan, released at the 11th hour:

“Thus, I am amending UA’s tuition and mandatory fee recommendations for FY 2011, as

follows, to implement a scaled and moderated approach to moving UA’s tuition to the median of

our peers.

• Reducing the originally proposed $1,450 increase for resident undergraduate tuition at

UA main campus by $400 to $1,050;

• Reducing the originally proposed $1,450 increase for resident graduate tuition (UA Main

and UA South) by $400 to $1,050;

• Maintaining the $500 increase in resident undergraduate tuition at UA South as originally


• Keeping the $2,000 increase in nonresident undergraduate and graduate tuition (UA

main campus and UA South) as originally proposed.”

It might be easy to applaud Shelton at this time, but something’s telling me the president may have had this move planned all along in order to gain favor with a campus that is becoming more and more disenfranchised with its leadership.

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Another round of UA Transformation cuts is all but certain at this point

Kudos to the Arizona Daily Star’s Becky Pallack for this report on how the University of Arizona would approach another round of budget cuts, if such a realization became reality (also check out Pallack’s blog, The Campus Correspondent, which is conveniently located on the WatchCat’s blogroll).

Pallack includes this toward the end of her post:

“With all of that in mind, the UA’s strategy for budget planning goes like this:

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The WatchCat Twitterfied

Following the rest of the social world, we here at the WatchCat finally broke down and started our own Twitter feed. I’ve long ridiculed Twitter and its followers, but the WatchCat now proudly stands beside them in social-web world.

Our first Twitter experience? Live-Tweeting the Arizona Board of Regents meeting. We’ve begun dishing it out, ABOR. Let’s see if you can take it, misters and madams Regents.

State of Arizona: Here’s that $75 million we didn’t give you on time…our bad

When you woke up this morning and went to school, you may have smelled something. No, not the rotting sinew of student sin, silly—I’m talking about the smell of money, $30 million to be exact.

As it turns out, the State of Arizona finally made good on the $75 million monthly check, $30 million of which went to the University of Arizona, that was due to the Arizona University System in December. Reeling from and still trying to come somewhere near solving the current state budget crisis (I’m sure you’ve heard about it; it’s what all the kids are talking about.), the State Legislature thought it prudent to keep those funds next to its pillow for about an extra 30 days.

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Special Saturday night soup

  • This may or may not contain Red Tags.

    A renowned genetics professor is leaving the University of Arizona (The Campus Correspondent)

  • “Federal loans should go to those who are most likely to benefit from higher education, not to everyone who can enroll…” So, not these guys? Oops (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Of course waiting until the students had gone for Winter Break, the UA announced the selections of deans for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the College of Fine Arts. (Note: Fishiness was the smell of the day when each of their predecessors suddenly “resigned” earlier this year. More on this later.) (UA News)
  • And you thought UA faculty had it bad… (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • WatchCat update notice: A new front page tab complete with in-depth information and speculation from research, interviews and reliable anonymous sources concerning the inner-workings and personnel moves associated with the UA Transformation should be up between Jan. 5 and 10.
  • Anyone for an H1N1 flu vaccine from UA Campus Health Services? (UA Campus Health Services website)

Winter Break irregular posting

As the UA students head off on their winter break, so will we. Well, kind of. Call it a semi-hiatus, or rather irregular posting—you know, finals, flying to see family, the Holidays. All of these things will prevent us here at the WatchCat from supplying you with semi-daily new material.

We’re not going to be fully gone, though. Here’s what you can expect from the WatchCat between now and the beginning of the spring semester in January:

-Posts that link to the writings of other blogs and news outlets

-Analysis from those links

-Further in-depth research on the UA Transformation, specifically focused on UA personnel moving around and what money is involved, as each of those has been severely misconstrued since the early life of the UA Transformation Plan

-A new tab at the top of the front page devoted to a rundown of the timeline of the Tranformation Process, as well as being a general hub for Transformation research that will be done by the WatchCat over Winter Break.

So you see, we’re still going to be here, and we’re still going to be posting fairly often over the break, although expect about one or two posts a week until the beginning of next semester hits the university—Then it will be the usual all-out blitz.

The road to recovery…

For hardened criminals like me, there is a natural road to recovery. Fortunately for me, following my resignation from the Arizona Daily Wildcat, my road seems to be of the “yellow-brick” variety. Entering in a strategic partnership of sorts, the WatchCat News-Journal and the Desert Lamp will engage in a mutual sharing of content, as well as guest commentary on each side.

The winner, of course, is the University of Arizona community, as is mentioned over at the Lamp. Two quality blogs jointly covering UA policy and personnel are better than one.

Of course, we will each continue to run our own news blog sites, but with a recognizable affiliation under the banner of, let’s call it, Lamp-WatchCat, Inc. Or is it WatchCat-Lamp, Inc.? I never can remember.

So expect to see some WatchCat administration and transformation content at the Desert Lamp, as well as some student government and university policy content here at the WatchCat News-Journal.

Louie—er, I mean, Desert Lamp—I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.